The introduction of the Talker product family

Everybody loved to write with chalks on board as a child..
Have you ever imagined that it’s possible to write and draw with chalk on shirts, hats and bags?
And have you ever thought that you could erase these drawings or writings with one move by a wet sponge, just like from a board?

Our fantastic products with a writable and rewriteable surface with chalk:

– T-shirt
– apron
– baseball hat
– gym bag
– bag
– wall picture

The size of the surface is freely variable to the size of maximum 60 x 40 centimeters.
The products are washable by washing machine. The writable surface stays after washing.

The washing can be done according to the directions of the label on the
products, optimally at maximum 60 °C.
On the surface for chalk there can be names, quotes, special offers written and even color drawings, too. Only our fantasy is the limit.
All labels and drawings can be simply erased with a wet sponge.

We are looking for distributors of our products, especially stores of toys, children clothing and sporting goods. Also stores of touristic goods. In case you have a store where parents of young children, kindergartens and/or playhouse operators are buying your products, contact us and ask for our propositions!

We recommend our products to children events, playhouses, kindergartens, nursery schools, daycare centres, schools and camps.
The shirts and aprons we recommend for bars, pubs, to parties, for waiters and waitresses, for events to hostesses. Also the shirts for running races or other sport events, for the athletes.
We recommend the hats for children, for camp games and hikes.
The bags and gym bags as a gift and for sport clubs, training camps and kids sport events.

We also serve unique demands and retail distributors. We are ready for your applications and questions!